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Tired of Your Mascara Running, Here’s a Review of 4 Waterproof Mascaras Put to The Test

May 27, 2014

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Tired of Your Mascara Running, Here’s a Review of 4 Waterproof Mascaras Put to The Test

This is a problem more female funeral directors have then their male counterparts – teary eyes equals black mascara runs across your cheeks.

Last week we posted a question about waterproof make-up originally asked by The Blonde Morticia on her popular facebook page – the question was well received by our female readers so we went in search of a real-world article that reviewed waterproof mascara.

We found a review of four waterproof mascaras published on, you can check it out below:

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and about five years ago, I realized I was losing mine. After a final blowout of self-destructive everythings, I flushed all sleeping pills, blocked all calls, and promptly found a psychiatrist. (Okay, first I found a really good chocolate chip cookie. But right after that—like directly after, I swear—I found a psychiatrist.)

Cognitive therapy has probably saved my life, but frankly, it’s been hell on my makeup. During most weeks “on the couch,” I weep prodigiously—a furious stream of perma-tears that Oscar hopefuls chase like rainbows. The crying is great for my psyche (and, weirdly, for my sleep cycle), but it creates a mascara massacre that’s really hard to erase, especially in my doctor’s all-white bathroom.

Sadly, black tears only seem to look cool on Lauren Conrad. So I tried four mascara brands over four therapy sessions, in hopes that my beauty look wouldn’t be quite as fragile as my emotional state. Here’s what happened…

Session One: Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara, $6.50

Photo: Courtesy of Faran Krentcil


Pre-Therapy: I love this mascara (it’s probably my everyday favorite) because of its perfect “baby doll” effect—lashes really do appear thicker after a few coats.

Post-Therapy: My lashes feel stiffer than before—brittle, even—but my lower lids and cheekbones are smear-free.

Late-Night Removal: About six minutes. You need a proper eye makeup remover, a little patience, and at least two cotton pads.

Session Two: BLINC Mascara Amplified, $26

Photo: Courtesy of Faran Krentcil


Pre-Therapy: This “breakthrough” mascara claims to form tiny water-resistant tubes around each lash, making them amplified and protected. Its fat brush definitely coaxes more length from my lashes, and its formula is just thick enough to make them really “pop.” I can see why BLINC is always sold-out at Sephora. (I had to try twice before getting one).

Post-Therapy: BLINC claims to be “smudge-proof and sweat-proof” and it is. But its removal method of warm water and gentle pressure is tough if you’re crying, because hot tears and Kleenex mimic that combo perfectly. The bad news: A few good streaks of BLINC definitely ended up on my tissues. The good news: None ended up on my face!

Late-Night Removal: 45 seconds. A washcloth, some warm water, and I was done—but remember, about 30% of the mascara had already been removed while confronting my Id.

Session Three: Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara, $16

Photo: Courtesy of Faran Krentcil


Pre-Therapy: I admire Clinique’s skin-sensitive formulas, and although this mascara isn’t a super-amplifier, its a true black mascara that makes my eyes look a little brighter.

Post-Therapy: The top lashes are perfect, but there are crescent-shaped streaks of black on the outer corners of each eye, though they dab off nicely with a firm hand and some Kleenex.

Late-Night Removal: One pad soaked with eye makeup remover and I was back to barefaced.

Session Four: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara, $24

Photo: Courtesy of Faran Krentcil


Pre-Therapy: Do you want to look like Twiggy? Then buy this brand. It made my lower lashes bloom with such doe-eyed precision, I thought maybe I was morphing into a Disney character. (And its genius moon-shaped brush makes it so easy to apply.)

Post-Therapy: A sprinkle of tiny black dots aggregated under my lower lashes, but they were gone with a quick pinky-swipe, and they didn’t smear either.

Late-Night Removal: Another two-pad mascara, for sure—this one isn’t for amateurs!

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