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7 Things Funeral Directors Don’t Know About Facebook

April 14, 2014

7 Things Funeral Directors Don’t Know About Facebook

What you post on Facebook and how the post is constructed matter more than you think. When creating Facebook posts there are specific things that you can do to drastically increase or unfortunately decrease who sees and engages with the content you post. Content that has no engagement can quickly kill a valuable social media presence.

Here are 7 things that most funeral directors and marketers in the funeral profession don’t know about Facebook:

  • Facebook posts on average only reach 2-3% of your followers
  • The time of day you post is a huge factor in how many fans see the post
  • The character length of your post directly effects how many fans see and engage with the post
  • Image posts without the correct image size get less organic reach and engagement
  • Link posts showing the URL link get far less organic reach
  • Text posts get the most reach but less engagement
  • Image posts get less organic reach but 75% more engagement

Lingo Key:

Organic Reach: The number of unique people who saw any content about that post. This will include both fans and non fans.

Engagement: the number of unique people who have clicked on your posts.

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