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Introducing the Online Community For Those Who Share Life With A Funeral Director

April 9, 2014

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Introducing the Online Community For Those Who Share Life With A Funeral Director

Katy Prange, founder of Life With A Funeral Director (LWAFD), is pleased to announce the launch and expansion of

The mission of Life With A Funeral Director is to strengthen relationships and provide solace to people who share life with a funeral director by offering support, strategies and community.

“Our lives are different in so many ways – because we share life with a funeral director,” Prange said.

“We can be very isolated, we manage life on-call, miss our directors on holidays, never make plans, loose eye shadow to prep rooms, weather the ebb and flow of small business income and raise kids without back seats 50% of the time.”

“This community was born at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night. I was frustrated and exhausted by a lifestyle where I felt totally alone and misunderstood by my family and friends,” Prange said. “I knew there had to be other wives out there who shared my feelings and experiences, so I started blogging about it.”

The blog has grown into a collection of short stories, ideas, observations and strategies called “Soft Places To Land.” These resources are meant to reassure and comfort others who share life with a funeral director.

“With odd schedules, strange demands on our time and resources and an unpredictable business, we live a very unique life,” Prange said. “The blog was my way of sharing these experiences and observations with others who could relate. It turned into a place where others drew inspiration. And then, we started talking via Facebook.”

Prange opened a Facebook group and welcomes members who want to connect with others who share life with a funeral director. It’s a place to vent, share and ask questions with others who understand, but aren’t necessarily the competition.

“Sure, there are other people in our towns and cities who share life with funeral directors,” Prange said. “But they’re usually married to our director’s co-workers, staff or even the competition. I don’t want those people to know about my dirty laundry.”

Prange plans to open a virtual boutique to include unique tools and resources for the community, as well as online workshops and coaching. She is also interested in hostessing events for spouses at funeral industry conferences and tradeshows to help people connect with others and discover ways to live well with their funeral directors.

“My goal is to help strengthen our industry by strengthening the relationships that make our businesses possible. Families are at the core of what we do. While we serve others, we must serve each other too. Life With A Funeral Director has been designed to support, strengthen and provide solace to others who share my experience. I am honored and thrilled to be able to make a difference in the lives of so many others.”

For more information or to connect with Prange directly, please visit, email [email protected] or call 920-889-1252.