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FrontRunner Professional Develops New Technology to Ensure Funeral Professionals’ Right to Choose

April 1, 2014

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FrontRunner Professional Develops New Technology to Ensure Funeral Professionals’ Right to Choose

FrontRunner will begin development of a new feature in its management system designed to stop funeral homes from being held hostage by funeral home management software vendors.

Morph will allow a user to switch the FrontRunner management interface to mimic the look and feel of their existing management software. Gone will be the nonsense tactics, leaving funeral professionals with the freedom to work in a new technology system that incorporates their management data and eliminates the need for staff to learn a new management program.

FrontRunner prides itself on always looking out for funeral professionals and creating a higher standard for all. It pioneered the concept of management and website integration to create higher efficiencies. FrontRunner then developed a connector kit to seamlessly hook up to any management system on the market so clients would never feel forced to use its management software.

“Clients have a right to choose the best system to meet their needs, which is why I am appalled at the stories we hear from our clients whose existing management vendors refuse to hook up FrontRunner websites with their software,” explains Kevin Montroy, FrontRunner CEO and Founder. “Some of our new clients are also put through pure hell when they try to retrieve their data from these companies. This is a travesty for funeral professionals and we will be working with the legal community to rid funeral service of these unsavory practices.”

Montroy adds that there are a few, blatantly unprofessional companies out there causing problems for funeral professionals. Their management software will be the focus of the first interface developments. FrontRunner will continue to add new interfaces in Morph for any management software vendor that denies its clients their right to choose the website of their choice.

Since the acquisition of Halcyon Software, FrontRunner’s management system is being hailed as the best new management software on the market. It is the only true, completely integrated solution in existence. Best of all, it is very affordable and free of support fees.

For more information about Morph, contact FrontRunner Professional at 866-748-3625 or by email at [email protected]

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