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Should Funeral Home Websites Include Pricing?

March 11, 2014

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Should Funeral Home Websites Include Pricing?

Last week Frontrunner Professional published a blog article talking about pricing on funeral home websites. They also asked the question on their Facebook page.

This has generated a large discussion and many different views on the topic. Frontrunner even went as far as detailing a case study of a funeral home using a ‘price generator’ tool for consumers.

In their blog FRP says:

Those funeral home owners who recognize the importance of adjusting their business model to meet the needs of the cost-conscious consumer will put their attention on pricing transparency. While it’s valuable (and in some states required) to provide a copy of the firm’s General Price List on the firm’s website, progressive funeral firms choose to take the pricing conversation even further.

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We decided to post the question ‘Should funeral homes include prices on their website? on our Facebook Page

Again, there are many different opinions but it seems as though most funeral homes lean toward yes, but many still aren’t doing it.

What is your opinion: Should funeral homes include pricing on their websites? Please tell us in the comments below.