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Great Example from Order of the Golden Rule – You Should Be Doing This

March 4, 2014

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Great Example from Order of the Golden Rule – You Should Be Doing This

International Order of the Golden Rule just made a great Facebook post and every company should be following their lead.

It was a simple post but one that was preplanned and well thought out.

Their social presence isn’t great. For an organization they should have a much larger following and should be creating more internal original content that provides value but the post they made Tuesday afternoon was perfect.

They were on the cusp of reaching a small milestone ‘300 Facebook Likes’ – not earth shattering but something worthy of highlighting and acknowledging. I sincerely applaud OGR for realizing this and creating a Facebook post to highlight it.

Here is what they posted:

The post was created perfectly:

1. The image is 1:1 pixel size so it fits in the newsfeed natively (and will have better organic reach)

2. The image incorporated the number 300 in very clever and cute way

3. They used real people from the organization in the image – adds humanization to the organization’s social presence

4. They thanked fans for liking – most organizations never do this

5. They named who was in the image and their roles at OGR – how many of you never had a face to go with a name?

I challenge OGR to do a create 15 second video for the 500 Likes milestone – I would love to help you create this!