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NFDA Introduces Funeral Webcasting License

February 27, 2014

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NFDA Introduces Funeral Webcasting License

For years, the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has offered a music license that enables funeral homes to fulfill families’ special music requests without violating federal copyright law. That license does not cover music played during a funeral or memorial service being broadcast over the internet. NFDA is introducing a new funeral webcasting license that will permit funeral homes to legally webcast funerals that include copyrighted music.

New NFDA Funeral Webcasting License

While nothing can replace attending a funeral in person, webcasts allow friends and family from around the country and the world the opportunity to “virtually attend” a service if they cannot physically be present. Given the transient nature of the country, more and more funeral homes are offering webcasting services to meet the needs of those they serve.

In response to this emerging issue, NFDA created a special funeral webcasting license for funeral homes offering this service. When a firm purchases a funeral webcasting license, they can legally webcast funerals or memorial services that include copyrighted music.

NFDA is the only association to offer this license and it is available exclusively to members. The license costs just $50 per calendar year, per website. The license, which must be purchased in addition to a music license, covers all songs in the libraries of the three music licensing organizations, BMI, ASCAP and SESAC.

If a funeral home is found to be webcasting a funeral with copyrighted music and does not have a license, it could be subject to a federal copyright infringement lawsuit with damages of up to $30,000.

“If you offer funeral webcasting, I encourage you to protect your firm by purchasing an NFDA funeral webcasting license,” said NFDA President Robert “Robby” Bates, CFSP, CCO. “I don’t know of any funeral home that would want to take on the high cost of a federal copyright lawsuit. Contact NFDA today to learn more about our new funeral webcasting license.”

NFDA’s Music License

NFDA also offers a music license that covers music performed on its premises or wherever it holds funeral services. The license covers live performances, recorded music and music-on-hold. Without a license, a funeral home that allows music to be performed at its facility commits a violation of federal copyright law.

It is critical that funeral homes purchase a music license every year for each of its locations. If, during an inspection, a funeral home is found to be playing copyrighted music without having a license, it could be subject to a federal copyright infringement lawsuit with damages of up to $30,000.

NFDA makes available a music license that covers all three music licensing organizations – BMI, ASCAP and SESAC – for only $239, the lowest price anywhere. By purchasing a music license through NFDA, members can serve families without violating federal copyright law.

Information about the NFDA’s music license and funeral webcasting license is available by calling NFDA at 800-228-6332 or visiting

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