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UK Funeral Homes Embracing Cellphone Technology

February 16, 2014
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UK Funeral Homes Embracing Cellphone Technology

An increasing amount of funeral businesses are investing in cellphone technology and developing apps with agency Appitized to offer a modern addition to their funeral service. 

This year, the use of devices such as cellphones and tablets is expected to once again surpass that of previous years, and unsurprisingly, the funeral industry is among the sectors who are embracing this technology.

Traditionally, families would seek information by visiting or phoning the funeral home, but now clients of funeral homes are grateful to have the choice of accessing their chosen funeral home’s information through their cellphone in the comfort of their own home. Funeral Homes who offer cellphone apps to their clients frequently choose features such as to-do lists, advice sections and contact pages in order to guide them through the most difficult times.

The rapid uptake of this technology in the funeral industry is reflected by the NFDA’s recent choice of endorsed suppliers- cellphone app developing agency, Appitized, in order to offer their members a discounted price for cellphone apps.

Funeral businesses all over the USA such as, Anderson McQueen, Anderson Funeral Homes and Sunset Funeral Homes, have recently chosen to develop cellphone applications which offer an additional touch to the dedicated service that these businesses offer.

This technology was not always so easily available to the funeral industry, however the growing amount of funeral businesses working with Appitized has meant that they can now offer a range of options to suit all business sizes and budgets.


“The uptake of cellphone apps in the funeral industry has allowed us to develop three packages with features to suit entry, mid and high-level budgets, which can then be tailored to each business’s branding. We can also create bespoke apps with custom functionality to suit individual needs and requirements,” says Andrew Meadwell, Business Development Director at Appitized.


“Features of the applications allow families to easily access details such as the funeral home’s contact details, to-do lists, guidance and advice following a bereavement,” he adds. “By giving clients a choice in how they access important funeral information, funeral homes embracing technology stand out from competing funeral homes who are not offering clients the most modern services.”


A growing amount of US funeral homes are investing into their business’s future with a cellphone app, and Appitized are proud to be the leading supplier of apps to the funeral industry. They are looking forward to working with more funeral businesses to help them offer a better service to clients, and ultimately drive their business forward in the coming years.