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CANA Issues Statement Regarding New Cremated Remains Shipping Policy

January 9, 2014

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CANA Issues Statement Regarding New Cremated Remains Shipping Policy

From the United States Postal Service announcement:

Effective December 26, 2013, the Postal Service is revising Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 601.12 to require mailers to use only Priority Mail Express service when shipping cremated remains. The Postal Service will no longer authorize cremated remains to be sent using Registered Mail service. Although these revisions will not be published in the DMM until January 26, 2014, these standards are effective immediately.

2.9.3 Cremated Remains [revision as follows:]

***Mailpieces sent to domestic addresses must be sent using Priority Mail Express service.

During this transition time, CANA advises that you review your policies and procedures on shipping cremated remains domestically and internationally. You may need to adjust your procedures regarding tracking packages and obtaining a copy of the return receipt. Remember that it is also advisable to communicate these changes in your policies and the USPS procedures to the families you serve. Another important consideration is to require a signature for delivery.

CANA is monitoring this situation and will share further information as it becomes available. Please contact [email protected]. with your thoughts and experiences with the new standards so that we may all benefit from your insight.