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Unity Financial Gives Back This Holiday Season

January 7, 2014

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Unity Financial Gives Back This Holiday Season

This past holiday season the Unity Financial Life Insurance Company donated to needy families in the Greater Cincinnati area through a program called “Blue Jean Charity”.

Since the program’s inception the company sponsored charity has helped buy Christmas presents for needy area families. Local social service agencies participate in the program by recommending families that could use a helping hand-up during the holiday season.

“We started the Blue Jean Charity as a fun way for home office employees to be able to wear blue jeans to work every Friday and the last working day of each month.” said Unity Financial Executive Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Jay Hardy. The idea of allowing employees to wear blue jeans, on these special days, originated back in 2006. They could wear the jeans, if they would donate a dollar into the charity. At the end of the year, all the dollars collected, plus a matching sum from all corporate officers, is used to purchase Christmas presents for families in need.

Unity Financial Life Insurance Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company is currently licensed in all states except New York, Hawaii, Alaska and Michigan. Unity Financial Life has been recognized as the Fastest Growing Privately held Life Insurance Company in America by Inc. Magazine the last six years in row. Unity Financial is focused on delivering funeral funding products that provide exceptional value for all consumers. For more information contact the company at (877) 523-3231 or visit them on-line at