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Capsule Urn Wins Gold In 2013 Spark Design Awards

December 15, 2013

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Capsule Urn Wins Gold In 2013 Spark Design Awards

Capsule Urn, LLC. is pleased to announce that the company has earned a Gold Award in the 2013 Spark Design Awards. Capsule Urn, an American design manufacturer of contemporary cremation urns, has been recognized in the Product category of this noted global design competition. This design honor is a testament to Capsule’s focus on modern designs in an industry poised for change.

The Spark Awards mission is to initiate positive design-led change, by highlighting the best new ideas and the best new solutions. Over a single week, seven Spark Design Award juries analyzed submissions from over 27 countries. With a record-breaking 50% increase in entries from the previous year, Spark Jurors had a field day choosing their favorite designs.

“We are delighted to be selected for a Gold Award amidst such a competitive landscape of well-designed products from firms that we greatly respect” said Joyce Chua, Capsule Urn Creative Director. “Capsule is dedicated to expanding the landscape of well-designed memorial products. We are humbled to be selected by a jury made up of extremely accomplished design leaders.”

Spark is mounting a multi-year traveling exhibit of winners in a space designed by Mitchell Mauk. Many of the winning designs, including work from Capsule Urn, were exhibited at the Spark Awards Pavilion at the China International Industrial Design Fair, November 30–December 3 in Shenzhen.  The winners will also be exhibited at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco in February 2014, followed by Taipei in March and April.  All winning designs may be viewed online:

About Spark Awards

The Spark Design Awards core mission is to help create a better world though design excellence.

The criteria for excellence are similar for all the Spark competitions—Concept, Communication, Product, Apps, Space and Mobility—and are based on the Spark core vision—designing our future.

Learn more about this organization and all these competitions at the Spark website:

About Capsule Urn, LLC.

Capsule’s line of contemporary urns and keepsakes stand apart in the crowded landscape of ordinary cremation products. Our American-made products are designed by award-winning designers and offer a comprehensive customization program with a wide variety of personalization options. We design and manufacture memorials that resonate with a growing class of customer that appreciates modern design and quality materials. 

Located in the United States, near Portland, Oregon, Capsule has sophisticated design and manufacturing capabilities which allows us to offer multiple options for personalization, including unique colors and finishes, premium materials, and custom engraving.

Capsule Urn products have been recognized in multiple international design competitions including the IDSA International Design Excellence Awards, Spark Design Awards, and the German Design Awards.

Additional images and detailed ordering information are available at our web site:

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