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Now Casting For Reality TV Project Featuring Custom Casket Makers

December 11, 2013

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Now Casting For Reality TV Project Featuring Custom Casket Makers

Request from RSV Casting, a small television production company, based in Los Angeles, California.

We are currently seeking DYNAMIC and UNIQUE businesses that create CRAZY, ONE-OF-A KIND, and WACKY caskets.

• Are you the Pimp My Ride of the coffin industry?
• Is your business similar to but different from the businesses featured on L.A. Ink, Duck Dynasty, or American Choppers?
• Do you create distinguishable, one-of-a-kind coffins that get people talking?
• Are you in the business of giving people their eccentric last hurrah?

If you feel that your business makes the craziest, most creative caskets in the nation, we want to hear from you!

• Does your company make caskets shaped like cars, sharks, ice cream cones, golf balls, or boats?
• Do you specialize in themed coffins such as police, firefighters, or military?
• Do you create elaborate caskets plated with diamonds or gold? Do you build TV’s or sound systems into coffins?

If you think your business is perfect for our show and would like to be considered, please send us a personal biography along with a brief description of your business and your relevant experience to: [email protected].

If you are not personally interested, we respectfully ask that you share and forward our information to any business or individual that you think would be a great fit for the project. Thank you for your time and collaboration.