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FrontRunner Launches Its New Company Website

December 6, 2013

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FrontRunner Launches Its New Company Website

FrontRunner is pleased to announce that its new website is now live. The layout and navigation showcase the all-encompassing nature of the technology and service offerings, and mirrors the vision and strength-in-numbers approach that is the hallmark of both FrontRunner and its clients’ success.

“With my two daughters and nephew taking on more substantial leadership roles within the company, the new website is reflective of the next generation look and feel of FrontRunner as a company,” says Kevin Montroy, Founder and CEO.

The website helps funeral professionals understand the full extent of what FrontRunner can do to help their firms. It provides rich information needed to make informed decisions. FrontRunner prides itself on surrounding itself with technology leaders, educators and vendors that share that same passion and vision to make a difference.

“The website also introduces everyone associated with our company and demonstrates how they are some of the nicest, most trustworthy people you will ever meet,” explains Kevin. “We invest a great deal of time to help our great profession avoid the pitfalls that are often associated with technology, particularly with firms that are only out to help line their own pockets. The typical ‘hide the ball’ and ‘force the call’ ways of most funeral home technology companies usually end with high pressure sales tactics. Rarely do funeral homes win.”

The new FrontRunner website clearly outlines our philosophy: everything we do — every product and service that we create and every partnership we develop — respects the deceased, builds the trust of families and communities, and reinforces the integrity of the funeral profession.

We invite you to visit the new website at and see why FrontRunner continues to be the leader in funeral service technology.