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The Funeral Industry Olympics

November 26, 2013

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The Funeral Industry Olympics

Article from Caleb Wilde,

In Nederland, Colorado, there is an annual “Frozen Dead Guy Days“, which, among other things, includes a casket race (pictured below).


This type of macabre sport got me thinking, “What if there was a funeral industry Olympics?”  So, I asked this question to my facebook community:


And you guys responded with nearly 200 glorious answers, many of which were very much industry specific (i.e., if you don’t work in the funeral business, you may not fully grasp the event.  And, some of the events might seem disgusting to you, but are very real to us).

I absolutely love getting together with fellow funeral directors.  Because we’re sort of a unique industry, it’s almost like we’re a part of some club.  And when we’re together, we can share a part of ourselves that we hide from everyone else, even our closest family.

So, the idea of an Olympics would be AWESOME.  And even though I have no plans to organize this event, if anyone else wants to, here are some event suggestions:

2 3 5 8 9 10

And here are some of my favorite event suggestions:

11 12

This one may just be my favorite: 13

I’ve had some practice in this event:

15 7

And this guy would be the director of the Olympics ’cause he’s taking it all very seriously:


And this is REALLY hard:


Absolutely disgusting. Seriously, though, I’d be good at it.

17 18

I hate it when this happens.