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Antique Funeral Home Corpse Collar Tag Available on Ebay

November 19, 2013

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Antique Funeral Home Corpse Collar Tag Available on Ebay

Found on ebay: antique funeral home corpse collar tag available on ebay. Bidding starts at $124.99!

I have personally never seen one of these before but I know they were used a long long time ago.

The product description on ebay reads:

This is an extremely unique, extremely rare piece! I originally mistook it as some sort of macabre dog collar produced by a funeral home, but was enlightened to its true provenance by a mortician. Apparently these leather collars were attached (at the leg, arm, neck etc) to corpses as a method of both tagging the deceased and discouraging resurrectionists and grave robbers (the collars would also be strapped down to the coffin). Very cool piece of funeral history here in America! This piece is made of leather and brass and is in excellent condition. I’d venture a guess it is either from the late 19th or early 20th century. Tag reads “DWYER FUNERAL HOME 776 NORTH ST PITTSFIELD”. Please see photos for condition and message with any questions. Don’t miss out on this incredibly rare piece! International buyers welcome.
Happy bidding!

View the product listing here, budding starts at $124.99: