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FrontRunner Professional announces the unveiling of Web 6.0 at the NFDA convention

October 11, 2013

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FrontRunner Professional announces the unveiling of Web 6.0 at the NFDA convention

Supercharged with advanced features, FrontRunner’s Web 6.0 sets a higher standard for funeral professionals, their online visitors and the communities they serve.

The new technology includes advanced SEO features designed to drive higher rankings with all major search engines. Drag and drop features boost website functionality and instantly adjust to ensure a perfect, professional look. Clients can change their web themes on the fly or set themes to rotate automatically on a set date through new transitions theme packs.  And as with all FrontRunner solutions, full custom website design is available with Web 6.0.

It doesn’t stop there. “Web 6.0 will make mobile websites as you know them obsolete,” says FrontRunner CEO and Founder Kevin Montroy. “The new architecture instantly adjusts to any mobile device. As well, funeral records will now be accessible to edit on smart phones.”

In addition to a host of other new features and advancements, Web 6.0 offers the highest revenue generation of any website system and the advanced posting engine protects the integrity and copyright of all online obituaries.

Montroy adds, “Web 6.0 is a revolutionary web solution for funeral professionals. It rivals anything on the market and is definitely worth switching from your current website provider to FrontRunner Professional.”

The new technology will be unveiled at the National Funeral Directors Association Convention in Austin, Texas on October 21, 2013.

Come by and visit FrontRunner at the NFDA convention in booth #814 and see what all the excitement is about. For more information, call 1-866-748-3625  or visit