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FrontRunner Professional connects to Mortware Management Software.

September 26, 2013
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FrontRunner Professional connects to Mortware Management Software.

FrontRunner Professional and Mortware are now working together to raise the bar of online business systems and processes for their clients.

The new connectivity with the Mortware Management Software reinforces FrontRunner’s ongoing commitment to always respect funeral homes’ investments of time and money to develop their existing management software systems.

“Although we offer our own management solutions, our goal is simple,” says Kevin Montroy, CEO/Founder of FrontRunner Professional. “We want to be seen as part of the solution to help our great profession, not part of the problem by trying to control the market and dictate what systems funeral homes can or cannot hook up to.”

The new management team at Mortware shares these high standards.  Don Ngo, Chief Information Officer with Mortware, is pleased to offer existing and potential clients with the option to connect and utilize the powerful and comprehensive features of Frontrunners’ website solutions.

“Efficiency, continuity and integrity of data are more important than ever for our clients,” says Ngo. “This connectivity truly creates a highly efficient and powerful combination. We look forward to working closely with such a progressive and innovative group as the FrontRunner team.”

FrontRunner, established in 1994, is now one of the largest funeral technology companies in the world. It is recognized for its business system software and online memorials, and provides innovative solutions, underpinned by integrity and professionalism.

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