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Funeral Director Launches Life Document Storage, a Comprehensive End-of-Life Planning and Life Information System

September 20, 2013

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Funeral Director Launches Life Document Storage, a Comprehensive End-of-Life Planning and Life Information System

SHERIDAN, Mich., Sept. 19, 2013 – Even though death is an inevitable part of life, most people avoid making end of life plans. As a result, family members are often left to put loved ones’ affairs in order but are unsure where to even begin. In an effort to make this process easier and less stressful for families, a Michigan funeral director has launched Life Document Storage, an end-of-life planning and life information company.


“A lot of families aren’t prepared to deal with their loved one’s final affairs,” says Simpson. “People often think because they have estate plans, a life insurance policy, a will and trust or funeral plans made that they are all set,” says Life Document Storage founder and CEO, Bill Simpson. “The problem is if their families can’t find this information when they need it, they’re not really prepared.”

Life Document Storage enables users to store information about important life documents such as estate plans, medical information, and life insurance policies, as well as upload actual copies of those documents into a safe and secure environment, allowing you to get burial insurance quotes and other needed information afterwards.  With Life Document Storage, people can store and transfer other valuable life information such as family and genealogical history, online account information, family photos, pet information, family recipes and much more.


“Life Document Storage allows a person to answer questions such as, ‘If something were to happen to me today, what information would my family need to know? What information would my family want to know? How would I get that information to my family?’” Simpson explains. “Having worked in funeral service for more than 10 years, I saw firsthand the troubles families experienced trying to find their loved one’s important information. I used my 10 years of experience to build and develop Life Document Storage.”


Three years in development, Life Document Storage was built with three goals in mind: to provide people with a safe and secure means to store and transfer their important information in the event of their death or incapacitation, to provide families with the peace of mind that their loved one’s information is available to them 24/7, and to be the industry leader in online end-of-life planning.


“I’m proud to say we have met or exceeded all of these goals,” acknowledges Simpson. “Life Document Storage is the most powerful, comprehensive and complete online end-of-life planning and life information system available today. As a funeral director, I saw on a daily basis the challenges faced by even the most prepared families. Life Document Storage allows people to leave their family answers – not questions,” says Simpson.


About Life Document Storage:


Life Document Storage is an online end-of-life and information transfer company that provides consumers with the ability to not only store their life documents and information in a safe and secure environment, but allows for the transfer of the information upon the death or incapacitation of the consumer. Life Document Storage was founded by CEO Bill Simpson, a second generation licensed funeral director in Michigan. The company’s website can be found


Contact:  Bill Simpson – [email protected] – 800-377-7341