Your Client Families Are Screen Jumpers, Are You?

Funeral Industry News Marketing Social Media Marketing September 17, 2013

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Your Client Families Are Screen Jumpers, Are You? released an infographic (seen below) detailing the information regarding so-called “screen jumpers”. It shows that the rise in mobile and tablet use has led to many people juggling the different devices throughout the day.

Most interesting is the panel labelled “A Day in the Life of a Screen Jumper”, showing the typical day spent online. While smart phones are the “constant companion”, the time that they dominate is late at night and early in the morning. This isn’t so surprising with many smart phones users taking them to bed. They can be the last thing you look at before going to sleep and the first thing you reach for after you wake up.

Smart phones might be at our sides 24/7 but once the typical work day begins, it’s clear that the desktop computer is still king. While mobile devices can perform a huge range of tasks, they can’t quite replace our Macs and PCs in the office.

What happens then when people get home? Interestingly it seems all other gadgets are put away and the tablets come out of their hiding places. Tablets might feel like they’re designed for use on the commute or on work trips however it seems like tablets are mainly being used in the home.

This actually makes a large amount of sense. I used to be on my laptop morning, noon and night until I finally bought a tablet. Suddenly I found that I could pack the heavier laptop away and cuddle up with something smaller. I can watch a video, read a magazine, play a game and not feel like I’m attached to work anymore (even though my apps for work are on their too!) And according to the figures I’m not the only one.

So what does this mean for us when we start thinking of Social Media Strategy? What are the factors we need to start thinking about when we plan our posts for Social Networks?

For one thing it would be fair to say that at certain times of the day, the tablet has replaced smart phones. Where we once would have aimed for shorter, more visual posts, is it possible for us to post something in a larger format and with more text?

The same goes for the posts going out during working hours. It’s important to think what people are more likely to do on a PC that they wouldn’t do on a mobile device. It’s this extra research that can help put your social media strategy ahead of the rest.