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FrontRunner Expands Its Technology Solutions With New Distribution Partners

September 12, 2013
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FrontRunner Expands Its Technology Solutions With New Distribution Partners

FrontRunner announced today that its exclusive software distribution agreement with Matthews International will be replaced with a non-exclusive distribution arrangement.

“We deeply value how Matthews and its sales representatives have assisted FrontRunner over the past 8 years under the exclusive distribution arrangement.” says Kevin Montroy, CEO / Founder of FrontRunner Professional.   “Their efforts have helped us grow and evolve our technology to the level we have achieved today.“

Montroy explains that under the new agreement, Matthews will continue to promote FrontRunner technology to their valued customers. The ideals of providing customers with the best technology on the market at arm’s length helps reassure customers that Matthews has no control, or can access customers’ sensitive and confidential business data.

The new, non-exclusive arrangement will allow FrontRunner to expand its technology solutions through multiple new distribution partners. As well, FrontRunners new “Private Label Program” will allow industry leaders to adopt technology that enhances their current offerings, while helping protect their customers against the common pitfalls associated with technology companies that Montroy describes as ‘preying on our great profession’.

This new direction will allow the market at large to choose the distributor that best suits individual needs while enjoying the high standards and luxury of adding APPs to their system for a truly customized technology solution.

FrontRunner will be announcing its new distribution partners over the coming weeks.

FrontRunner Professional is the leading technology provider for the funeral industry offering fully integrated single-data entry solutions including the most advanced websites, DVD solutions, memorial tribute websites, marketing, webcasting, management solutions, and so much more.

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