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Bass-Mollett Publishers Inc. to Team Up With A Simple Thank You To Simplify The Thank You Card Process

September 2, 2013

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Bass-Mollett Publishers Inc. to Team Up With A Simple Thank You To Simplify The Thank You Card Process

Bass-Mollett Publishers Inc. announced today that it will be entering a partnership with A Simple Thank You to provide a turnkey solution simplifying and streamlining the labor-intensive task of thank you card generation.

A Simple Thank You’s service digitally captures all guest information which takes the guess work out of illegible handwriting or incomplete information. Printed Thank You cards are then provided to the family with a selected verse, as well as addressed envelopes both ‘to’ and ‘from’. A Memorial Guest Book is provided to the family with printed Memorial Pages that also includes all attended guest contact information. A digital Excel file is sent to the family of all registered guests. A digital Excel file is also sent to the funeral home when using their optional opt-in feature. Funeral homes have the option of a complete printed package or they may do all of the printing in-house with their “plug and play” package.

The process of trying to write out thank you cards when the majority of the names and addresses in the guest book are unreadable can be an insurmountable task to say the least. Bass-Mollett and A Simple Thank You believe this product line will provide a unique service to the bereaved family at a time when writing and addressing cards is not their highest priority.

Bass Mollett | A Simple Thank You | Digital Registry from A Simple Thank You on Vimeo.

A Simple Thank You’s innovative application won honorable mention for this year’s KIP award at the ICCFA convention in Tampa. They will be rolling out many more features and services in the 3rd quarter of this year based on feedback from funeral directors and the families they serve.

Digital registry is part of everyday life and now this benefit can be offered in your funeral home through your Bass-Mollett rep. To call A Simple

Thank You dial 800-483-0671 and ask for a Bass-Mollett digital registry specialist, or email us at [email protected]

About Bass-Mollett Publishers Inc.

Bass-Mollett Publishers Inc., founded as a family-owned business in 1949, is an industry leading printer, manufacturer, and distributor of funerary products. Bass- Mollett specializes in offering high quality custom printed solutions, the finest funeral stationary, and the most complete selection of product lines in the funeral industry. Bass-Mollett’s stationery selections include the work of such artists as Terry Redlin, Kim Norlein, and Ray Simon.

About A Simple Thank You

A Simple Thank You is a Chicago based company founded in 2010 by President & CEO Chris Gordon. The loss of his wife at a very young age made him realize there was a need in the funeral industry that had to be filled. A Simple Thank You is proudly serving funeral homes in 15 states, plus Canada & Australia and has also done over 1,300 services to date.