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Six Ways to Build Meaningful Social Media Relationships

July 21, 2013

Six Ways to Build Meaningful Social Media Relationships

Article by: Emma Ellinson, DISRUPT Media

Who would you prefer to talk to, a robot or a human? Before you start imagining a shiny sci-fi future, I’ll change the question. What would you prefer to read, an automated message or something written specifically for you?

The secret to social media success is to remind your followers that there’s an individual behind the logo. So we’ve gathered six ways you can build meaningful relationships with your fans.

Think of Twitter like a party

Like a decent party, Twitter is a busy place. Think of what things you can do to gain someone’s attention. The tactics you would use in real life can be translated over to social media.

Leave a good lasting impression

What would you think if someone walked up to you in the street and shouted, “WE’VE GOT SOME AMAZING DEALS. UP TO 50% ON SELECTED PRODUCTS. HEAD TO OUR WEBSITE TO FIND OUT MORE.”

For one thing you’d think they were a little crazy and you’d definitely make a swift exit.

Your fans on social media are individuals looking to socialise or even entertained. Provide good content that people will get something out of, be that enjoyment or information.

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Use personalized gestures

Talking in very general terms to someone might mean them realising that you know nothing about them. Do a tiny bit of research and create posts that prove you know something about them. It will leave them feeling pleased that you took the time to address them personally.

Keep the conversation flowing

If someone replies to you, retweets or send you a message, don’t let things end there. Take the opportunity to engage with them. It’s your ideal opportunity to tell them who you are, what you do or even to show off your products.

Don’t let good feelings fade after the honeymoon phase

Try to remember the people that took the time to get in touch with you. Check in with them a week or even a month later to share something with them. Treat them to a fun video or an invite to a special webinar.

With real people come real problems

Relations aren’t always smooth sailing. Your customer might have a complaint or a concern. It’s your job in that scenario to talk it over with the customer and show that you really care about their experience with you.

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