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This Custom Casket Was Designed Online In 4 Minutes

July 16, 2013

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This Custom Casket Was Designed Online In 4 Minutes

The above design was created in 4 minutes using LifeArt’s online casket design tool. The process is pretty simple.

Watch the video here:

Creating A Custom Design

Step 1: Start the by talking about your loved one. Share stories and memories, look at photos and find the stories and images that resonate with the essence of the person. Families have their design idea within the first few hours of talking about it.

Step 2: Send any images to our designer, and then talk with our designer about the story and the ideas you have for your design. The designer will then source any extra images and start creating your design.

Step 3: The designer will then send you a 3D Render of the Casket / Coffin so that you can see how the finished product will look before it goes into production. Review the design, make any alterations and approve the final design.

Step 4: Your custom coffin is then made and delivered to your funeral home.

Please contact our Design Studio if you wish to discuss your design requirements at [email protected]

You may also wish to use Online Casket Designer~/designs ] to trail your design ideas, and share the design(s) with family members.