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Leave A Tombstone Epitaphs For Your Mobile Phone

July 15, 2013

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Leave A Tombstone Epitaphs For Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Insurance, a UK company has come up with a novel site that lets people leave tombstone epitaphs to their mobile phones that perished in accidents, abuse and plain old stupidity. Little tombstones appear on a map which shows where cell phones met their demise.


Here lies a Samsung Stripe which lost its life being dropped into a bowl of milk after the user consumed all his Lucky Charms. Safe to say its luck ran out

Here lies a Samsung SPH-M810 which lost its life falling from the callus-covered hands of a sweaty builder, 15ft up on some scaffolding

Here lies a BlackBerry Bold 9790 which lost its life pretending it was a slinky in a concrete stairwell.

Here lies a Samsung SPH-M550 which lost its life at a drunken party after one lad used it as toilet paper. There was no resurrection.

Here lies a Samsung SGH-X427m which lost its life when its lens cracked taking pictures of itself in the mirror