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Finally A Contest Where Winning A Free Cremation Makes Sense

June 11, 2013

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Finally A Contest Where Winning A Free Cremation Makes Sense

Jeff Jorgenson, Order of the Good Death member and owner of Seattle’s green funeral home Elemental, has bought his company its first zero emissions electric vehicle.  Hell yeah, the environment.

His little Nissan Leaf will be zipping through the streets of Seattle and he’s having a contest for graphic designers (or amateur enthusiasts) to create a classy enviro-logo for the car.

The prize for the winner?  A FREE CREMATION.  Man, I’ve always wanted to give away a for realsies cremation.  Well, that is to say, a free cremation or a $400 Amazon card.  If you win you’ll probably pick the gift card.  But I want you to pick the cremation.  No pressure.


Entries will be judged by a panel of judges from the Order of the Good Death.  And we’re harsh, lemme tell you right now.  CLICK HERE to see the fine print rules (i.e. no cremating someone who is still alive).  Good luck!

[Via: Order Of The Good Death]