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Eternal Image Relaunches As New Entity Eternal Image Group LLC

April 5, 2013

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Eternal Image Relaunches As New Entity Eternal Image Group LLC

Eternal Image, Inc. the company we report dissolved back in July, has relaunched this week as Eternal Image Group, LLC. A group of people came together to carry on their business plan with a new entity. The public facing site for the company is

The new entity issued it’s first press release Thursday, announcing the launch of their MLB memorial product line. You can view the press release published on Yahoo Finance below.

The Eternal Image Group LLC, a licensing company active in the memorial products industry, today unveiled its line of caskets, urns, monuments, and stationery, all officially licensed by Major League Baseball Properties.  Product details and links to photo galleries can be viewed here:

The MLB™ caskets and urns are distributed by Buchanan Private Label™ of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The MLB™ stationery line is distributed exclusively by Bass-Mollett Publishers, Inc. of Greenville, Illinois.

The monument line covers a wide range of product from headstones to columbaria.  Each monument will be engraved with the MLB™ team logo of the client’s choice.  Monuments are supplied exclusively by Fewell Monument Company of Scottsburg, Indiana, beginning July 1, 2013.

“We are honored to offer this complete line of Major League Baseball memorial products,” said Nick Popravsky, VP of Sales for the Company.  “Our goal is to give our clients an MLB memorial product for any need, and we believe we have succeeded.”

About The Eternal Image Group LLC
The Eternal Image Group LLC, formed in 2012, is a licensing company active in the memorial products industry. EI Group manages a growing portfolio of high-profile Brand names and oversees the design, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide range of licensed memorial products featured on Currently the company offers a selection of caskets, urns, monuments, vaults, memorial stationery, and memorial gift items. Product galleries can be found on the Company’s social media pages and  For additional information, visit or call 248-994-7649.  Media Inquiries: call Nick Popravsky, 248-994-7649.

About Buchanan Group
Buchanan Group is a management services company with an international distribution network for its Private Label™ casket and Fewell Monuments companies. Buchanan specializes in a value line of caskets plus personalized and licensed granite memorials. The company also operates funeral homes and cemeteries. This family-owned group of companies, based in Indianapolis, recently celebrated its 132nd year in business.  Media Inquiries: call Tony Lloyd, 317-396-2514.

About Fewell Monuments
Fewell Monuments, founded in 1945, creates personalized memorials for monument dealers and distributors throughout the country. Using the latest state-of-the-art laser technology, Fewell has the largest library of unique designs in the industry. Fewell is owned by Buchanan Group.  Media Inquiries: call Tony Lloyd, 317-396-2514.

About Bass-Mollett Publishers, Inc.
Bass-Mollett Publishers Inc., founded as a family-owned business in 1949, is an industry leading printer, manufacturer, and distributor of funerary products. Bass-Mollett specializes in offering high quality custom printed solutions, the finest funeral stationery, and the most complete selection of product lines in the funeral industry.  Bass-Mollett’s stationery selections include the work of such artists as Terry Redlin, Kim Norlein, and Ray Simon.  Media Inquiries: call Tad Flowers Jr., 618-664-3141.