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Let Your Funeral Home Employees Use Social Networks And They Will Be More Productive

April 3, 2013

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Let Your Funeral Home Employees Use Social Networks And They Will Be More Productive

Encourage them to use 5 or more social networks and they will be even more productive.

Hey, funeral home owners who block employees from using social media at work: You’re doing it wrong.


That’s one conclusion that can be drawn from new data on the workplace by Evolv, a startup that monitors hundreds of metrics from Fortune 500 companies.

Not only has Evolv determined that hourly employees who use social networks are more productive in general, but it seems the more social networks you use, the more productive you are.

Hourly employees who regularly used up to four social networks — such as Facebook,TwitterPinterest or LinkedIn — made more sales or handled customer service calls faster than those who weren’t on any social networks.

They also tend to stick around for longer (94 days of tenure with a company on average, compared to 83 days for those who shun social media).

Those who use five social networks or more are slightly better at converting sales and handling customer service than employees on four or fewer networks, by 1.5% and 2.8% respectively. Their average tenure is a little lower at 92 days — possibly because they’re more in demand.

We want to know: Does your funeral home block employees from using social networks?