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Funeral Directors and the Case for the Pragmatic Memorial Table

March 25, 2013
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Funeral Directors and the Case for the Pragmatic Memorial Table

(DES MOINES, IOWA)   For as long as ceremony has been an important part of death rite initiative, funeral directors have been community leaders in providing appropriate, beneficial and vital end of life services in any capacity requested. And, they continue to do so.


It’s not news that American funeral services and ceremonies have changed dramatically. While traditional services are chosen less frequently, cremation, as the final disposition of the deceased, leaves survivors awkwardly dealing with the details of saying goodbye to their loved ones. That’s according to a Notre Dame University study.


However, other polling data confirms that nearly 90% of client families requesting cremation also desire a ceremony. That opens an opportunity for funeral directors who are willing to complement their image as after-death service providers to providers of ceremonies that honor the life and memory of the deceased person when the body is not present! So, what do you, the funeral director, do to provide a visual picture to your client family of what your ceremony looks like when the deceased is not present? How do you display the various elements of your memorial service and what do you use to display them?

Being introduced today is a new funeral service company, Remembrance Table Designs. According to Dave Fremming, a retired funeral director and founder of Remembrance Table Designs, his company was created with this mission in mind,“. . .dignifying the experience of recognition”. Or more specifically, dignifying the experience of life recognition as it relates to the role of funeral professionals. By so doing, the life and memory of the deceased person is raised in stature; a connection that client families can embrace. And, it broadens the funeral director’s image as a provider of life affirming ceremonies.


Of sufficient height that it is visible before a seated audience, the Remembrance Table features name recognition, a top sufficient in size to accommodate two console lamps and a unique urn presentation and conveyance device. In addition, three pullout extensions used for displaying mementos or floral arrangements and a gift chest for safeguarding contributions complement the table.


The Remembrance Table is additionally designed to be visually interactive. Utilizing one of the table extensions and a digital photo frame or small screen monitor, the funeral home staff can provide engaging information during the arrangement or advanced planning conference. This is capable from the convenience of a concealed 4-plex outlet delivering an electrical source to the table top from one attached cord; eliminating burdensome wires.


The Remembrance Table Urn Carriage provides a safeguarded platform when displaying the cremation urn during urn selection and then the visitation and ceremony. Whether the family selects inurnment or interment as final disposition, the use of a fine, custom made urn carriage will portray the privilege it is, for two or four carriage bearers, to carry that person’s cremated remains to their final resting place.


Presented in the funeral director’s conference room, the Remembrance Table and Remembrance Table Urn Carriage provide an accurate image for the client family. It engages the funeral director to re-think the use of that room to include an abbreviated display of urns that coordinate with the furniture suite.


Dave Fremming retired from Hamilton’s Funeral and After Life Services, in Des Moines, Iowa, as a funeral director and manager. His career evolved over 35 years. As an accomplished woodworker, he is a presentor at wood finishing and design seminars.


The company designs and builds custom furniture for use by funeral directors’ cremation clientele. They build using traditional period joinery such as dovetailing and mortise and tenon. The casework, legs, moldings and tops are all solid hardwood of the funeral director’s preference.


Remembrance Table Designs is a member of the Cremation Association of North America. The company has been awarded two patents for its products. Other products available include a Conclave Table for use off-site, such as at a church or cemetery, the funeral coach Catafalque which ensures security of the carriage and urn while in transit and coordinating cremation urns.


Further information is available at A video about Remembrance Table Designs is found on the company’s Facebook page.