The Sweetest Cemetery Ever…Really

Funeral Industry News February 19, 2013

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The Sweetest Cemetery Ever…Really

One of the best and worst things about Ben & Jerry’s: they’re always introducing new flavors. But with that comes some rough goodbyes to the retired flavors. Just when you started falling for Bovinity Divinity (milk chocolate ice cream and white chocolate cows swirled with white chocolate ice cream and dark fudge cows—retired in 2001) it’s nowhere to be seen in freezers. Just like that. Gone. Forever. You and your spoon, so alone.

If you ever tour the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, Vermont, stroll over to their Flavor Graveyard. It’s an actual graveyard—as in, there are headstones and it’s on a grassy knoll. And if you really wanted to, you could probably leave a bouquet.


So let’s take a moment of silence to remember these late flavors. Will they ever come back? Why must they leave? Ben & Jerry’s Grand Poobah of PR (seriously, his business card says that) Sean Greenwood says probably not. Despite the obsessive cult followings, they just didn’t sell as well. However, some of them might still be available at scoop shops, just not for sale in pints (like Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz!).

If you can’t make it to Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s also has a virtual graveyard. Not all of the extinct flavors are here, but just scroll down to the bottom and click on “Crypt” for a full list.

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Bovinity Divinity (1998-2001)

Milk chocolate ice cream and white chocolate cows swirled with white chocolate ice cream and dark fudge cows.

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Makin’ Whoopie Pie (2002-2003)

Chocolate ice cream with a classic Whoopie Pie mixture of marshmallow and Devil’s Food Cake.

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White Russian (1986-2002)

Coffee ice cream with Kahlua coffee liqueur.

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Aloha Macadamia (2001-2002)

Milk chocolate cashew Brazil-nut butter ice cream with macadamia nuts covered in white and dark fudge and a milk chocolaty swirl.

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Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz! (1996-1999)

Coffee ice cream with chocolate chunks and espresso bean fudge chunks.

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Tennessee Mud (1988-1999)

Coffee ice cream with amaretto, Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey, and roasted silvered almonds.

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Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie (1992-1993)

Ginger ice cream with a fudge swirl.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly (1998-1999)

Peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter bits and a strawberry jelly swirl.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough (1993-1997)

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream with gobs of peanut butter cookie dough and fudge chips.

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Oh Pear (1997-1997)

Fresh pear ice cream with a hint of almond and a light fudge swirl.

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Holy Cannoli (1987-1988)

Creamy ricotta and pistachio ice cream with chocolate-cannoli bits and roasted pistachios.

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Ethan Almond (1988-1988)

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered almonds.

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Economic Crunch (1987-1987)

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered almonds, pecans and walnuts.

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Dastardly Mash (1979-1991)

Chocolate ice cream with almonds, pecans, chocolate drops and raisins.

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Peanuts! Popcorn! (2000-2000)

Caramel ice cream with white fudge covered caramel popcorn, toffee-coated peanuts and a caramel swirl.

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Urban Jumble (2000-2001)

Chocolate ice cream and coconut ice cream mixed with white and dark chocolatey chunks, pecans, and roasted almonds.

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Tuskegee Chunk (1989-1990)

Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chunks.

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This Is Nuts (2001-2002)

Chocolate and pistachio ice creams with fudge-covered almonds and lightly roasted pistachios.

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Sugar Plum (1989-1990)

Plum ice cream with a caramel swirl.

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Rainforest Crunch (1989-1996)

Vanilla ice cream with a “rainforest crunch” aka a cashew and Brazil nut butter crunch.

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Purple Passionfruit Sorbet (1996-2001)

Swirls of raspberry, blackberry, and passionfruit sorbets with other natural flavors.

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Wild Maine Blueberry (1990-1992)

Sweet cream with Maine blueberry puree and wild Maine blueberries.

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Cool Britannia (1995-1998)

Vanilla ice cream striped like a Union Jack with strawberries and fudge-covered shortbread.