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REMINDER: Live Chat During ‘Death: It’s A Living’

January 31, 2013

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REMINDER: Live Chat During ‘Death: It’s A Living’

Join us for a LIVE discussion during the airing of ‘Death: It’s A Living’ tonight at 9PM ET/PT

We will be featuring a LIVE discussion in 2 separate places!

1. You can join a live chat here on by You will be able to login to the chat using yourFacebook or Twitter account.

2. You can join us for a live chat in our Google+ Community: CDfuneralNews – Funeral Profession Chatter –

The folks over at FuneralOne are also moderating conversation about the show on Twitter using the hashtag: #DeathItsaLiving.

We have also set up a Rebel Mouse Page the will pull in every tweet posted with the #DeathItsaLiving hashtag. You can then view all of the Twitter conversation around the show in one easy to follow format. You can view our ‘Death: It’s A Living’ Rebel Mouse Page here: