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ASD’s Virtual Tour Allows Funeral Directors to “Visit” from Anywhere

January 8, 2013

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ASD’s Virtual Tour Allows Funeral Directors to “Visit” from Anywhere

Media, PA—ASD – Answering Service for Directors, the leading funeral home answering service in North America, is pleased to offer the funeral service community an opportunity to visit their facility from the comfort of home. The company teamed up with Google Trusted Photographers-MD to create a high-definition, panoramic photo tour of ASD’s building in Media, PA. Funeral professionals can now see ASD’s  operations center, conference room, data center and more in sharp detail from ASD’s Google pages.

ASD’s 360° Virtual Tour gives viewers a sense of walking through the building. Google technology allows visitors to use the arrow keys to move from room to room or zoom in or anything they would like to see in further detail. ASD wanted to offer funeral directors a magnified view of the company’s infrastructure and technological resources. Funeral Directors can virtually walk through the company’s doors and get a sense of an average day at ASD.

“ASD’s Virtual Tour is a true representation of our business. Funeral Directors want to know where their calls are being answered and want to feel confident that their answering service will protect their calls 24/7,” said  ASD Vice President and Family-Member Owner Kevin Czachor.  “Our Virtual Tour is another example of how ASD has redefined the role of an answering service for funeral homes by offering unmatched transparency. Directors have added peace of mind because they can see that the redundancies we have in place here are second to none.”

Google Trusted Photo MD is a group of contractors that work exclusively for Google to capture 360° virtual tours. This represents part of Google’s Business View program, which includes over 400 Google Trusted Photographers throughout the United States and Canada.

The Google Business View program  allows business owners to select their own “Trusted Photographer” and set up an appointment to capture images of the inside of the building. The photographer then publishes the tour on Google Search, Google Maps and the company’s Google+ page.

“ASD is a special business. They come in contact with thousands of funeral homes each day, and yet many of their clients haven’t seen their office. Investing in a Google virtual tour allowed them to invite their clients inside and foster a new type of relationship and trust,” said Jessica Clark, Marketing and Booking.

Specialist at Google Trusted Photography. “The funeral profession is an interesting one, in that many people never really take the time to find a funeral home until it’s too late, and by that point they don’t want to go out and look through multiple funeral homes.  The Google Virtual Tour offers businesses like ASD, and any funeral home, the opportunity to invite clients into their facilities from the comfort of their homes.”

With ASD’s Virtual Tour, funeral professionals can see ASD up close while previewing this new interactive technology.  To help spread the word about the Google Business View program, ASD teamed up with the Google Trusted Photographers-MD Team to provide ASD clients with an exclusive discount on their funeral home’s Virtual Tour. To learn more, contact Elizabeth Durrant at 410-800-0788 or  [email protected].  To view ASD’s Virtual Tour, visit:


About ASD

ASD – Answering Service for Directors has created a new class of answering service exclusively for funeral professionals. Family Owned and Operated, ASD has been helping funeral homes manage their calls and their lives since 1972. With a visionary approach to business, ASD has redefined the way Funeral Directors serve families through combining unparalleled levels of training and advanced technology.  The company’s custom-built funeral communication systems and extensive, 6-month training program have made ASD the answering service trusted by more than one quarter of all funeral homes in the United States. For more information, visit or call 1-800-868-9950.

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About Google Trusted Photographer-MD

Google Trusted Photographer-MD is a team of contractors that works exclusively for the Google View Program to capture 360° virtual tours for businesses. Photographers are certified by Google and are trained to make every job perfect. Google Trusted Photographer-MD is one of the few companies working for Google with the ability to deliver a local certified Google Trusted Photographer to every state and province in the United States and Canada. The team’s sophisticated equipment and and strong support staff allows them to handle every aspect of the job including scheduling photo shoots, processing venue images, arranging the final product, and even integrating tours on customers’ websites and social media. To learn more, visit or call 410-800-0788.

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