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Funeral Home Resource Exceeds 2012 Goals, Delivers 5000+ Funeral Sales

January 2, 2013

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Funeral Home Resource Exceeds 2012 Goals, Delivers 5000+ Funeral Sales

Austin, TX–December 31, 2012– Funeral Home Resource, online marketing experts, generates sales leads through SEO and SEM focused websites and a national funeral home directory. In all, Funeral Home Resource sales leads generated more than 5000 verified funeral sales on behalf of online marketing clients in 2012.

Funeral Home Resource leads online marketing efforts for funeral homes in 2012. This year, funeral homes took advantage of trends in online marketing to maximize their reach, and improve sales leads generated by online marketing.

The old paradigm of putting up a funeral home website, and waiting for calls no longer applies. In today’s competitive market place, funeral homes must maximize online marketing efforts, taking advantage of best practices in both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) as well as customizing their presence for the growing proliferation of mobile devices.  In any size market, it is uncommon for a funeral home to have the time, information, and resources to have success with online marketing without the assistance of an expert provider.

Ron Browning, CEO of Funeral Home Resource, reports, “Based on the success of our current programs, we are expanding our business, accepting applications for new exclusive partnerships in major cities. Interest in our programs draws both from our no-risk, performance basis, and our programs’ success.”

“The rapidly changing demands of Internet marketing, from search engine algorithms to the marketing of competitors, require constant attention and response. Funeral homes often find it best to concentrate on meeting the needs of their customers, and letting a trusted resource concentrate on their online presence.”


About Funeral Home Resource

Funeral Home Resource, the outsourced online marketing department for funeral homes, grows market share for funeral homes through on-line marketing to families in need of funeral home and cremation services. Funeral Home Resource develops industry-leading websites, operates lead-generating websites and, the premier on-line directory of funeral homes. FHR is trusted by the most established, most respected names in the funeral industry, handling all their online marketing efforts and overseeing the creation, capture, delivery, and conversion of thousands of online inquiries for them each month. Funeral Home Resource specializes in no-risk performance marketing arrangements.


Contact:        Ron Browning, CEO and President

Phone:           866.468.7968 x801

Address:        7000 N Mopac Suite 200

Austin, TX 78731