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Beware, It’s A Scam

December 10, 2012

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Beware, It’s A Scam

The following alert comes from Ian Vosper, one of our faithful readers and President/CEO of Sequel Select Inc.

Ian shared this with us via email:

My friend, Jody Gladstone, an independent distributor was contacted by email from the following names: James Sizemore – Kelvin Beat – James lee – Andriy Olexander – David Thomas

The following emails are used:                        

Telephone number of scammers: James Lee – 610-833-8049

They are searching out distributors on the internet and asking them to quote for urns in bulk to ship to Haiti, Germany, Iceland the Ukraine and other countries. They will pay by credit card (stolen card numbers) they will ask you to contact their shipping company; Conoco Shipping, Zodiac Shipping or Global Shipping to make arrangements to ship on their behalf. They will give you CC #’s and then ask you to wire the shipping payment to the named company… which is in Ghana… once they have your wire information they will back charge to your accounts and steal any money you have… or don’t have and leave you in a negative. They stole $13000.00 from Jody. If a CC# does not clear they will keep giving you #’s until one does. They are very convincing and will even give you the card holders name and phone # to verify authenticity of card. They all have very thick African accents and their grammar is not in modern English as we type today.

I was contacted this past Wednesday by another of my independent distributors in TX, Joe Garcia. Who started asking me similar manufacturing question as Jody. When I asked him who he was dealing with he told me James Lee. I was able to save him from the same fate as Jody.

Please can you send out an alert to every member to warn them. Jody has informed the FBI and Secret Service as well as local law enforcement of the scams.

I hope this will help people.