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Funeral Director Wants to Radically Change How We Think About Death

January 29, 2012

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Funeral Director Wants to Radically Change How We Think About Death

A few weeks ago I was emailed a link to a Youtube video titled “Ask a Mortician Vol. 1”. I was quite entertained by the video as well as the other “Ask a Mortician” videos on the Youtube Channel “Order of the good death –”. I have been saving this link to share with you on a day I would be traveling (I’m am currently traveling for multiple business meetings) and I am so glad I did.

On Friday the Huffington Post featured an article about Caitlin Doughty, a funeral director, creator of, and star of the “Ask a Mortician” youtube videos. Caitlin is a rising internet sensation who wants to radically change the way we think about death, dying, and the funeral industry.

Mortician And Newly-Minted Internet Sensation Caitlin Doughty Wants To Radically Change How We Think About Death, Dying And The Funeral Industry

Though I am obviously not of the target demographic, Jezebel — A Gawker Media property that offers “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women Without Airbrushing” — is a mild obsession and a must-read in the course of my daily internet travels (after the Huffington Post, that is. wink). When I first discovered it, shortly after the 2007 launch, keeping up with the ‘Jezebelles’ and their musings felt a bit wrong — as if I were peeking behind a curtain into a place I wasn’t really supposed to be. But that quickly passed as it became clear that the blog is a highly relevant and useful resource for men who adore women, and I am a very proud member of that club.

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