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The DIY Crematory

September 6, 2012

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The DIY Crematory

Article from Caleb Wilde,

We first had the idea a couple years ago when our dog “Spock” died.  Spock was a large dog … too large for my hubby (he’s got a bad back from a h.s. football injury) to bury him in our backyard.  After three or four days and nights, Spock started to get musty, and the kids were complaining that he was leaking fluids on the floor, so we had to do something.  We opened up the Weber, put in on low, shut the lid and the next morning Spock had been wonderfully “beamed up.”

At that time, we had Auntie Pearl and Uncle Pat living in our basement.  Well, it was actually their basement … we were living with them as their caregivers.  A couple days before Auntie Pearl died, she expressed to Uncle Pat that she wanted cremated. After day four of sitting in her chair, she was getting musty and uncle Pat was starting to complain.  We didn’t want to spend the $$$ on a traditional funeral and then “Spock” jumped to mind.

After about four or five different prototypes and tries, we finally got Auntie Pearl situated.

Realizing that Uncle Pat would be next, my husband spent the next couple months perfecting his DIY Crematory.

This is the end result:

We spent $900 on the casket (we thought it looked more respectful with a casket), and the rest we found laying around our yard.

My hubby put wheels on it so that we can travel and provide our services to other relatives and friends.

It even doubles as a Bar-B-Que.  This past weekend for Labor Day we roasted a pig and had all the neighbors over for some Pork BBQ.  It was a hit.

UPDATE: Since posting this, Uncle Pat has died.  The DIY Crematory worked perfectly.  He was a large man, so from start to finish, it took 10 hours (Aunt Pearl took around eight hours), but we saved nearly $1200.