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What is Happening With OGR? Why Are They Moving?

August 27, 2009

What is Happening With OGR? Why Are They Moving?

image The following is a letter from OGR President Koven Brown that was emailed to me annoucing big changes that are taking place in their organization. I am not sure what all of this means for the membership of OGR so if you have any additional info please do share.

Dear Friends:

In my most recent messages I?ve noted that we all are experiencing an unstable business climate requiring us to use ?every ounce of savvy management skill we possess to keep our businesses intact and competitive.? This is no less true of our professional organization. As is the case with our own businesses, OGR has had to face a number of economic challenges, some of which are the result of practices that have not kept pace with prevailing management trends and fiscal prudence.

For the past year, the Board has addressed significant challenges in re-directing the course of OGR to secure its future ability to

* strategically reconstitute its mission and effectively respond to the needs of its members;

* restructure its internal operations toward accountability and contemporary management practices; and

* re-commit to exemplary leadership in the funeral services industry.

As part of this process, the Board secured the help of seasoned association professionals to evaluate and advise about our governance, functional operations, and member services.

With that said, hard decisions have been made with a clear focus on re-creating OGR?s role of leadership for the future?and our work has only just begun! The preliminary decisions that have been made toward OGR?s future include:

1. Changes in staff management;

2. Relocation of the OGR corporate office and restructure of staff functions;

3. Re-evaluation of all programs and services; and, most important,

4. Re-alignment of member values, mission and member criteria.

The first decision was made last fall and implemented in December with a new interim executive director, Dianne Hughes. Planning for the office relocation and restructure is in process since the current lease will be up in the next few months. A full review was made of all positions, their functionality and impact on budget. Since a move to smaller and more efficient space is required, a new organization chart was outlined of staff functions that would be most appropriate to fulfill OGR?s program of work. These functions will be streamlined and our consensus was that a complete fresh start in a new community was best for OGR?s long-term future. The internal and staff reorganization of OGR will take place in Texas.

All of OGR?s programs and services are under evaluation for relevance, effectiveness, and value both in delivery and costs. Opportunities exist within the Golden Services Group for the benefit of the companies, OGR, and, most importantly, the members. Just as input form members will be sought for this process, so, too, will input from GSG suppliers.

I know that you may have many questions specific to the broad outline that I have provided here. Each of the OGR Board Members is available to visit with you about the new direction as well as Dianne Hughes. We are very excited about the new move and the incredible potential it offers OGR to better serve its members.

With kind regards,

Koven Brown