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UK Teenager Opens Own Funeral Home

August 27, 2009

UK Teenager Opens Own Funeral Home

image Four Oaks teenager has become one of the youngest funeral directors in the country to set up his own business. Edward Cutler, 19, a former Arthur Terry student, says he ‘spotted a gap in the market’ and despite the recession, decided to set up his own business.”This is something I have always wanted to do from a young age, it is a vocation,” he said.”I did work experience at the Co-op and worked there voluntarily in my holidays as a bearer. “When I got my drivers licence I applied for a job.”

Just 18 months later Edward had moved up the ranks to become a senior funeral director, but already had his sights set on his own business.

“I always had it in mind and now I am really pleased to see my name above the door and to be able to offer all the services as Cutlers,” he said.

With financial backing from his father, entrepreneur John Cutler, ‘Cutler Funeral Directors’ opened for trade on June 8 in refurbished premises on Little Sutton Road.

He added: “We want the Cutler name to be associated with funerals in Sutton.”

Edward believes the current economic climate poses little risk to his fledgling business.

He added: “People are always going to die and people will always put money away for their funeral, it’s not an economic thing really.”

Members of the public are invited to meet the Cutler family and view the premises at 5 Little Sutton Road at an open day on Saturday, June 27 from 11am until 2pm.

There will be a horse drawn funeral carriage on display and music provided by a bagpiper.