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Troubled Allendale, SC Funeral Home Owner Speaks

August 27, 2009

Troubled Allendale, SC Funeral Home Owner Speaks

image The owner of a troubled Allendale funeral home is speaking out after losing his business license. The South Carolina Funeral Service Board says someone at the funeral home severed the legs of a 6-foot-7 man so his body would fit into his casket. The doors to cave funeral home are still open even after the South Carolina funeral board revoked the director?s license. The decision was reached after a hearing in Columbia on Monday. Officials say the funeral home mishandled the body of Minister James Hines back in 2004. The owner says he?s innocent.

Charlie Cave, Owner: ?The writings got to come. The record will speak for itself. I have nothing to hide.?

According to a spokesman for the South Carolina Funeral Service Board, someone at the funeral apparently cut off Minister Hines? legs in order for him to fit into his casket. Cave says he?s not closing his business until he gets a letter.

Charlie Cave: ?The real, real reality is coming to come forth it will come forth in writing.?

We talked to Minister Hines?, wife back in April, about these allegations. She says she made sure the right casket was selected. Hines was exhumed, earlier this year, after his family heard from a former Cave employee, who first made the claims about the minister?s legs. Despite Monday?s decision, Cave tells us the truth will come out sooner or later.

Charlie Cave: ?I?m not worried about a thing.?

Some in the community are backing him?for now.

Benjamin Adams: ?He did a lot of people favors when it came times not having the money to perform the service that he provides that we worked with them.?

The funeral board spokesman says they are currently working on the final order to determine whether or not caves license will be pulled for good.

The funeral board also fined Cave $500, and is making him pay another $1,500 for the investigation.

Source: WJBF News Channel 6