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Industry Entrepreneurs Taking On ABC's Shark Tank

January 13, 2012

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Industry Entrepreneurs Taking On ABC's Shark Tank

On Jan. 20 at 7:00pm on ABC, Twin Cities entrepreneurs Sue Kruskopf and Nancy Bush are diving into the Shark Tank. Chosen among thousands of applicants from across the nation, Kruskopf and Bush will be given the chance to make the deal of their lives. Their business venture – an online service they co-created called My Wonderful Life.

My Wonderful Life is a free online service that allows people to plan and personalize their funeral. With the service, users can write their obituary, design a headstone, write letters to loved ones, record thoughts and memories, plan for those left behind, and more. The site also offers expert advice and tips that add an element of creativity and fun to a life event often viewed as sad and bleak.

“As baby boomers, we’ve been to enough funerals with droning organ music and stale sandwiches to push for a change,” said Kroskopf, co-founder. “With My Wonderful Life, we’re hoping to breath new life into the typical, uninspired funeral and turn it in a celebration – as it should be.”

Kruskopf and Bush’s idea the project came about when Bush’s husband John died of cancer at the age of 53 in 2006. While his passing wasn’t unexpected, he struggled with expressing his final wishes because he felt that, in planning for the end he would be giving up. In response to John’s struggle, Kruskopf and Bush created a service to make it easier for people to plan and leave something behind for their families.

Since the site was founded in 2008, thousands of people have signed up for the service. Now, in 2012, Sue and Nancy hope to expand their reach with tonight’s appearance on Shark Tank.

“The opportunity to travel to Hollywood and present our service not only to the show but also to its viewers, is a truly wonderful. We feel very strongly about what we do and hope very much that the show will encourage people to speak to their loved ones and plan for the future,” said Bush, co-founder.

To view the season 3 premiere of Shark Tank, tune in to ABC tomorrow night at 7:00pm. For more information about My Wonderful Life, or to start planning with your loved ones, please visit: