It Started With the Quote from Wayne Gretzky!

Cremation Funeral Industry News October 25, 2011

It Started With the Quote from Wayne Gretzky!

It was a beautiful day in Fort Worth – when 63 people gathered to earn their Certified Pet Loss Professional pins from the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance. Not sure what to expect as this was the first course of its kind, the attendees showed up, full of anticipation, ready to learn and ready to network with others that wanted to

raise the standard of pet loss services in the United States and Canada.

The session started with the quote by Wayne Gretzky – to stand out and be the best that you can be, one must “skate to where the puck is going, not where the puck is.” Yes, it’s time in the field of pet loss services to make a change, to raise the standards, and to begin to see where the puck is going.

Another observation was made,… we are not an industry; we are a profession. And, with the committed attendees at this “first of its kind” session, it’s clear that pet loss business owners want to provide the most professional services they can to their pet parents and their pet care professional partners.

Yes, it’s time to skate to where the puck is going!

Pet parents are changing in their wants and needs when their beloved pet dies. Therefore, it’s time that our profession be prepared to bring to the pet parents the guidance they need to create the experiences desired to honor they life they shared with their pet. Whether it’s more service options, more memorialization options, or just a safe place to go to grieve and mourn their loss, pet parents are changing our profession of pet memorial services.

That’s where the puck is going. And, for 63 people a few weeks ago, they clearly have game face on and are ready to skate quickly in the direction that puck is flying.

Congratulations to these charter Certified Pet Loss Professional graduates! It was an honor to spend a few days with such professionals who are committed to their communities, their pet parents, and their pet care professionals in providing the most incredible dignified and respectful pet loss services.

Yes, the puck is flying. We’re ready, as a profession, to go in its direction!