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Bonz Barb Bq Sauce Released to Promote Appreciation for and Celebration of Life

October 14, 2011
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Bonz Barb Bq Sauce Released to Promote Appreciation for and Celebration of Life

Pinhook Foods LLC, named after a local cemetery, has released a premium “Barb” BQ Sauce to bring an awareness to consumers as a reminder that Life is precious and the time spent with family and friends is what truly matters. The label portrays a tombstone with the name being Barb BQ Bonz. A sauce 2 Die 4 and to celebrate life is the epitaph. The website features Barb’s Blog that has begun a series entitledÖ”The Dark Side of Sod” that will focus on funeral service processes, subjects surrounding death and to serve as a form of ongoing education to hopefully help bridge a gap between life and death and life after death.

Bonz Barb BQ Sauce contains No High Fructose Corn Syrup. The taste has a sweet tangy flavor with a hint of smoke. It is definitely superior on Beef, Chicken and Pork, BUT out of the box thinking suggests that Bonz Barb BQ Sauce is fabulous in or on pizza, loaded baked potatoes, meatloaf, BLT’s, as a salad dressing, chips and your finger.

Celebration without food is rare and there are many ways to gather. Tailgates, birthday parties, memorial gatherings after a death, quiet night at home with the family, weddings and reunions are perfect reasons to break out a bottle Bonz Barb BQ Sauce. It is an excellent way to enhance the experience. Bonz Barb BQ Sauce can be purchased by the bottle or a Boxa Bonz (6 bottles) is available for sale online. (This is the best value) It is a great gift idea for the holidays.

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