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Totally Free Online Funeral Software – For Funeral Stationary

September 30, 2011

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Totally Free Online Funeral Software – For Funeral Stationary

We are excited to announce that Zachary Douglass’ online funeral software application for funeral stationary is now totally FREE!

Now individuals and funeral homes large and small will have the ability to create 100% custom printed products (funeral programs, bookmarks, prayer cards, and much more) quickly and easily and print on any paper stock they want on any printer for free.

Thanks to our current customers and sponsors we are now able make the transition to a free software service. We hope to keep it free indefinitely, but we need your helpÖ You can help us keep our services free by doing two simple things: 1) Use it to create your printed products and 2) Share it with as many people as you can.

You are Probably AskingÖ Why is this Funeral Stationary Software FREE!?

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch!Ö There are 56 million deaths each year worldwide. Our goal is to help everyone around the world celebrate the life of his or her loved one through printed materials by allowing everyone to use our funeral software for free. We plan to keep our software free forever!

Make note that we will not share your login information with any outside third party. Any information that we collect (right now we only collect an email) is strictly used to allow you to login to your account from any computer and for us to give exceptional customer service.

We know we are providing a huge value to everyoneÖ So, we have provided the ability for users to donate. Donations will allow us to improve our application at a faster rate and get the word out to more people faster as well. Please donate if this service is a benefit to you. You may also see advertisements on our website in the future.

That’s it!Ö Please give us feedback so we can continue to build exactly what you want and need. We hope you enjoy using Zachary Douglass’ free funeral software application!

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