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Genesis Casket Names Second Special Advisor to Board

September 26, 2011

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Genesis Casket Names Second Special Advisor to Board

B. D. “Buddy” Hunter to Provide Counsel to Genesis Casket Company

Indianapolis, September 23, 2011: Casket manufacturer Genesis Casket Company today announced that B.D. “Buddy” Hunter has accepted an appointment to the Genesis Casket Board of Directors as a special advisor. In this capacity, he joins Bob Horn who accepted a similar appointment last month.

“Buddy is a visionary for our profession and the Genesis Casket Board and we are delighted to have his involvement and support,” stated Genesis President and Chief Executive Officer William Anthony (Tony) Colson. “His extensive knowledge of casket manufacturing and distribution as well as a demonstrated experience with some of the most notable companies in funeral service will provide valuable insights to our company as we execute our go-to-market strategy.”

In 1969, Hunter founded Amedco Inc., a company that manufactured burial supplies for funeral homes, made wheelchairs and other medical devices, and eventually expanded into the steel business to make burial caskets. In 1986, after becoming the second largest manufacturer of burial caskets in the world, Amedco merged with Service Corporation International, the largest owner of funeral homes and cemeteries in the world. As part of the merger, Hunter, through Huntco Inc., purchased the steel processing and health care equipment operations of Amedco.

Hunter has been a board member of Cash America International, Inc. since 1984. He has been a director for Service Corporation International for over 20 years, and currently serves as a consultant. Previously, Mr. Hunter served on the board of Mark Twain Bancshares Inc. for approximately 15 years, and was a Member of the Listed Company Advisory Board for three years on both the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange.

“I am delighted to join the Genesis team,” said Hunter. “I am most impressed by the firm’s commitment to high standards of excellence in steel manufacturing. Advising the Genesis Board of Directors allows me to contribute to an innovative company that is well-positioned to address the rising costs of funeral products.”

Hunter will begin to advise Genesis immediately. His appointment to the Genesis board coincides with the planned introduction of the Genesis product line at this year’s NFDA convention.

Genesis Casket is a new entity in funeral service, founded in 2010. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and created in partnership with Gestamp North America, Inc., a global supplier of structural steel components for the automotive industry. Genesis plans to manufacture and distribute a line of metal caskets later this year that will be produced in its Indianapolis plant to funeral homes throughout the US.