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Zachary Douglass, LLC Launches Worlds First Online Application For Funeral Printed Products

September 1, 2011

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Zachary Douglass, LLC Launches Worlds First Online Application For Funeral Printed Products

High Point, NC, August 31, 2011 – Zachary Douglass, LLC (ZD), launched the world’s first online application for funeral printed products. This online application enables funeral homes and individuals to easily create custom funeral programs (folders), register books, bookmarks, thank-you cards, and much more, in-house for less. These products truly help celebrate the life of the individual.

The application uses cutting edge photo-editing and blending technology that allows users to achieve the quality of high-end editing with exceptional ease-of-use and low cost (ranging from FREE to $9). There are no setup fees and the software is free to use. The user only pays when they wish to download the final PDF for printing, which can also be emailed to families for proofing. Users can make unlimited changes and print as many copies as they want. ZD also stores projects on their servers for life as a backup.

“Our whole goal is to help families celebrate the life of their loved ones that have passed on.” said Bruce Hymas, ZD CEO. “By providing this flexible, easy-to-use application, we’re confident this provides the ability to create the memories the family wants.”

The ZD application allows users to print on most funeral paper stock (ie. Messenger, FuneralOne, Frazer Consultants, with more sizes to come over the next few weeks). This enables funeral homes to print on paper stock they might already have. Additionally, the application comes equipped with hundreds of template backgrounds, sentiments, and images, or you can upload your own background and pictures provided by the family or from your image library.

In the application, users can drag-and-drop pictures and text anywhere on the canvas. The ability to save poems, verses, or whole text layouts to individual accounts makes creating finished products very fast. “Many of our customers tell us that they can create a finished product in under ten minutes, and it gets easier everyday.” Hymas said.

Because the application is built in an online platform, no download is needed, and is always the latest version of the software. The platform also auto-saves every move the user makes, allowing any project to be accessed from any computer at any time. No other funeral program software allows for this type of flexibility.

For more information about Zachary Douglass, please visit their website at or call (888) 812-8403.