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6 Tools to Help You Manage Facebook for Your Funeral Home

July 18, 2011
Ryan Thogmartin

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6 Tools to Help You Manage Facebook for Your Funeral Home

I posted an article recently titled: “4 Reasons Why Social Media Scares The Crap Out of Funeral Homes“. One of the 4 reasons was “No personal time to devote” to managing their business accounts. I have had many discussions with funeral home owners and clients about many tools that are available to help them, or someone else in the office (usually an assistant or secretary), manage their social media marketing outlets in as little as 10 minutes a day.

The learning curve for most of the applications is very minimal, even though the application itself packs a powerful punch.

Because most companies launch social media campaigns first with Facebook, we have listed below 6 useful tools that will help you manage your businesses Facebook page:

1. Vitrue: This tool may not streamline all of your social networks like other tools, but they excel in making the most out of your Facebook presence. Vitrue helps you moderate the comments on your Facebook page, send-targeted messages to people who have “liked” your company and more.

  1. Buddy Media: This platform allows you to quickly and easily manage your Facebook presence by scheduling your posts and news feed messaging, helping moderate the comments on your page, and customizing the look and feel of your page.

  2. mediafeedia: This free service helps you schedule posts, manage multiple accounts, set admins, create custom tabs and notifies you by email of activity on your fan page.

  3. Conversocial: Meant for small to medium sized businesses, Conversocial lets you set up automatic moderation to delete or flag posts based on keywords, drives all comments to your email inbox, sets up a team workflow and provides limited analytics.

  4. Sysomos Facebook Page Central: Facebook Page Central offers auto-moderation, email notifications of posts, a dashboard monitoring key metrics and sentiment, and identification of top fans and themes.

  5. Facebook Insights: This may seem a little obvious, but if you are managing a Facebook fan page, before you begin looking for more in-depth tools, make sure you check out your Facebook insights page to see how many people are participating, liking stories or leaving comments.

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