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OLG Marketing Site Launched

July 13, 2011

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OLG Marketing Site Launched

Franklin, OH. The Outlook Group, Inc., in partnership with Think Patented, has developed a web-based service allowing funeral homes to create marketing campaigns quickly and affordably. This easy-to-use, online storefront will offer funeral homes rapid access to direct mail, brochures, newspaper inserts, custom advertising, custom stationary, business cards and promotional items.

According to Outlook Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Christopher Kuhnen, “This revolutionary marketing tool will enable any funeral homes to rush a unique message to market in days instead of weeks or months.”

With the click of a mouse, funeral home owners will be able to send everything from conventional brochures and promotional items to individually-customized mailings. Everything is printed and mailed automatically, saving funeral homes time and money while giving their promotions a fresh, professional look.

“This agreement will offer innovative ways to create dialogue between funeral homes and their customers,” said David McNerney, Director of Vertical Markets at Think Patented. “The Outlook Group and its clients will be able to tap into the latest marketing technology, dramatically reducing the time needed to create and execute successful marketing campaigns,” he added.

More information about the new Web-based storefront is readily available at or