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Top 5 Reasons to List a Death Notification Online

August 27, 2009

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Top 5 Reasons to List a Death Notification Online

image The Internet has changed the way we spread news and gather information. Not surprisingly, there has been a shift from traditional print sources to ones that are viewable on any screen, anywhere, anytime; this shift has also affected tributes and obituaries. If you are struggling with where and how to publish a death notice, you are not the only one. Many have decided to list tributes on the Web. Here are some of the top reasons to list a death notification online.

1. It?s fast. Traditionally, a death notice could not be published in less than a day or two. But thanks to the instantaneous nature of the Internet?and Otrib in particular?an online death notice can be published as soon as you are done typing and/or uploading. This can save you the time and hassle of dealing with third parties or placing multiple calls to different people.

2. Greater access. With an online tribute, loved ones won?t be limited by their geographical location. Friends and family from all over (really, anyone with Internet access) can immediately view the listing and learn of a loved one?s passing sooner, rather than later. This can be particularly helpful for those who wish to attend the funeral or memorial service and are traveling great distances.

3. Share more. A newspaper obituary, no matter the significance of its subject, is limited by the print space available. Listing a death notice online allows greater freedom to share more about the deceased. Picture galleries, precious video footage and various links that reflect and capture a person are all possible with an online notice in a way that is impossible with any other medium. A visual and audio presence renders a person in a way that words alone sometimes can?t.

4. Save money. Funeral and burial (or cremation) costs can add up quickly. Why spend more money during what is already an expensive undertaking? Local papers, including some newspaper Web sites, often charge a fee for a short listing. Cut costs without sacrificing tribute content by simply listing an obituary online, and making sure the notice captures the right tone and language that you decide on.

5. Last but not least, it?s green. Many minimize their consumption of paper by switching to online bank statements or getting their news from online sources. If the environmental impact of printed paper (especially if it?s not recycled paper) matters to you or the deceased, an online death notice is one small way to further minimize one?s carbon footprint. In fact, someone who has insisted on a green funeral and burial may have already stipulated the request to forgo a printed memorial or obituary in his or her will.

Whatever you decide, here are a few things that are typically mentioned in a death notice: name, date of birth and death, list of immediate family and where the deceased was from and lived. With an online death notification, you have the freedom to choose a short or long message in memory of a loved one.

Article By: M. Kotch

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