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Webinar to Help Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Troubleshoot Legal Problems

May 25, 2011

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Webinar to Help Funeral Homes and Cemeteries Troubleshoot Legal Problems

Expert to Provide Strategies and Advice that Will Save You Money and Headaches

Funeral and cemetery professionals who register for an upcoming webinar on troubleshooting legal problems will be taking an important step to protect their businesses.

Chris Farmer, general counsel for the Cremation Association of North America and an attorney with Sheehy, Ware and Pappas in Houston will provide his expert knowledge to help you avoid problems that can cost you big money.

“Whether it be a trip and fall case at a cemetery or a botched cremation at a funeral home, families can sue you,” according to Farmer. “Sadly, I’ve seen some firms be seriously hurt or even go out of business after large verdicts that could have been minimized or avoided altogether.”

The webinar, titled “Troubleshooting Legal Problems at Funeral Homes and Cemeteries,” will be held from 2 to 3:15 p.m. Eastern Time on Sept. 8. You’ll learn how to take steps to avoid and respond to problems. Topics covered will include:

  • How to minimize legal costs
  • How to decide when to settle
  • How to learn from mistakes
  • How to set insurance coverage
  • And much more!

Brian Johnson, senior editor of Kates-Boylston Publications, says that the webinar is a must attend for any death-care professional – especially managers. “In today’s society, it’s important to learn how to respond legal issues to protect your firm,” he says. “We are happy to be partnering with one of the best legal experts on funeral and cemetery law to help our audience take the necessary steps to many legal issues they must deal with on a daily basis.”

The webinar costs $99 for subscribers to any Kates-Boylston publication and $129 for all others. To learn more and register, visit or call 800-500-4585.