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Special Offer For Industry Suppliers

April 18, 2011

Ryan Thogmartin is the CEO of DISRUPT Media | Follower of Christ | Husband | Father | Entrepreneur | Host of #DISRUPTu! and #FUNERALnationtv | Lover of Skittles DISRUPT Media is a social media content agency that focuses on storytelling for funeral companies. We use real stories to build creative strategies that achieve actual business goals.

Special Offer For Industry Suppliers recently partnered with Social Media Marketing company Disrupt Media Group to provided full support social media marketing to funeral industry suppliers.

More and more funeral professionals are flocking to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Never before have industry suppliers been able to connect with customers and potential customers on an engaging one to one level like now.

Here is the Problem

Many suppliers are already trying to leverage social media but are struggling to find success.

There is a reason….

This isn’t “Field of Dreams” just because you have a Facebook Page doesn’t mean funeral directors will visit it. You have to engage and create content.

There are many companies the are make huge mistakes with their social media marketing efforts.

Like not having “call to action” custom landing pages, or a clear social media marketing strategy.

Here is the Good News!

Disrupt Media Group is here to help. We want to work with the leading funeral industry suppliers to create social media marketing campaigns that will engage your target customers (funeral directors) and help you achieve your social media marketing goals…Goals?

Yes, you need to set goals for your social media marketing! We have a dedicated team with will help you layout a comprehensive step by step plan the will lead to reaching your goals.

Here is the Special Offer

For a limited time Disrupt Media Group is offering FREE social media marketing reviews to the first 15 industry suppliers who fill out our FREE consultation form….

There is more….

Any supplier who signs up with Disrupt Media Group will also receive a 10% advertising discount on any advertising package from

You can fill out the FREE Social Media Review form here:

Example Custom Landing Page

Check out: Craver-Riggs Funeral Home on Facebook:

If you have any question or know you want to sign up for Social Media Marketing with Disrupt Media Group, please email: [email protected] to get the ball rolling!