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Please Take Funeral Service Insider’s Annual Compensation Survey

April 7, 2011

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Please Take Funeral Service Insider’s Annual Compensation Survey

Funeral Service Insider’s annual compensation survey is now open. Every year, funeral service professionals eagerly look forward to the results of the survey, which is open to funeral home owners.

The confidential survey serves as a resource to determine how funeral homes are paying their staff, whether salaries are going up or down, how funeral homes are compensating employees beyond salary and much more. The confidential survey is one of Funeral Service Insider’s most popular issues. Results are coupled with insights from top experts to help funeral homes determine how to pay and motivate employees to ensure the business succeeds.

“This survey always provides the entire funeral service community with valuable ideas about how to pay staff, how pay levels in funeral service in general are fluctuating and what to expect in the future,” says Thomas A. Parmalee, executive editor of Funeral Service Insider. “The more people who take this survey, the more people benefit.”

Please visit to take the survey online.

If you do not subscribe to Funeral Service Insider, you can get a FREE copy of the survey by completing the survey and providing your email address at the end.

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